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    Benny Parent

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    Head Coach Bob
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    {post_terms_team} - Player Test
    {mb_attachment_text_0mo3lo2vn6q} - {mb_players_text_4zmchtd6uug}
    Player Email: {mb_players_text_rqbwb0qdkqp}
    Player DOB: {mb_players_text_knsdvovk7zo}
    T-shirt Size: {mb_players_radio_8dqh60es7lx}
    Shorts Size: {mb_players_radio_9im0n8e2s86}
    Sweatshirt Size: {mb_players_radio_0p9q1a0bz5lo}
    Guardian: {mb_players_text_0mo3lo2vn6q}
    Guardian Phone: {mb_attachment_text_lchh48zcf9}
    Guardian Email: {mb_attachment_text_4zmchtd6uug}

    Paid Status: {mb_players_radio_jvysae72d5}
    Guardian: {mb_attachment_text_4om0kxl7b32}
    Guardian Phone: {mb_attachment_text_zu93e9typt}
    Guardian Email: {mb_attachment_text_an9kcgjoyoi}
    Team: {post_terms_team}
    Class: {mb_players_class}
    Number: {mb_players_Number}

    Junior Varsity

    Frosh Soph